Some Dangers of Playing Golf That You Might Not Have Considered

When we think of golf, we think of competition, improving our game, and time well spent having tons of fun. We never think of the possibility of putting ourselves in harms way when we play. Whether you know it or not, all sports come with their downfalls and dangers. Golf is one of those sports where injuries or accidents don’t occur all that often but make no mistake, they do occur.

Golf is a game of fun, concentration and competition while in the same token there isn’t any running, tackling or diving involved. The first kind of danger that you put yourself at risk for is heat stroke. Playing golf in hot weather, extreme heat, or humidity while not drinking enough water to keep you hydrated will result in a heat stroke. Signs the body may show when experiencing heat stroke are dizziness, sweating, confusion and becoming disoriented. When a person looses consciousness he or she will need medical treatment immediately. If medical treatment is not received timely the person may die.

drive a golf ball on tee

Lightning is another danger a golfer may come face to face with when on the turf. Did you know that lightning has the ability to strike up to 10 miles from an evident cloud? Yes, it is very true! So if you plan on continuing your game of golf after you hear the warning horn you should think twice because your club could be a conduit for electricity. While in the middle of your swing, making your club the tallest object, you could be increasing your chances of being struck by lightning.

Getting hit in the head by a golf ball is another potential cause of danger. If you are playing in a tight fairway, you should consider not only your safety but the safety of others in sight. For instance when you are in the process of hitting the golf ball yell “fore” as this will alert everyone surrounding you to take cover by ducking or covering their head. Remember getting hit in the head by a golf ball can result in serious injuries.

You can also face danger through possible wreckage or getting hit by a golf cart. Golf carts, when used improperly can cause great damage. That is the reason that specific training on golf cart safety is critical. Someone could be stupidly doing stunts in the golf cart, increasing everyone’s chances of being injured. When using golf carts you should always be considerate of everyone else’s well-being. This mean, always drive at a sensible speed and avoid doing senseless stunts.

As you can see enjoying a round of golf can be dangerous to your health. Most people don’t consider the above dangers when they are playing their favorite game. However, care should be taken to keep you and your buddies safe on the course. Golf is a game we all enjoy but ending up in the hospital due to one of the above dangers is none too fun. Make sure you have fun and above all else, stay safe on the golf course!

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