Samoa – A Top Holiday Destination

As you all know by now, I love golf; it’s just that golf doesn’t really like me very much! I can’t play, I admit it, I just love the feel of a golf club in my hand and the sun on my back as I hack my way around 18 holes of pure torture for the rest of my group.

Well, recently my wife decided that she wanted to go on holiday, somewhere in the sun and, of course, I agreed. On one condition though – that our destination had a golf course or two. She despairs of me, wonders how I haven’t been barred from every golf course in the world.

Samoa, Here We Come

Anyway, we decided on a South Pacific destination and our research uncovered a wonderful website about Samoa holidays. Naturally, I had to check that there was a golf course there before we booked and I was pleased to discover there were at least three.

Golf clubs duly packed, we jetted off and, once my wife was settled on the beach with a book and a cocktail, I headed off in search of some fun. I found it in the guise of The Royal Samoan Country Club, a rather ostentatious place that serves as the main golf course on the entire island.


In For a Penny…

In for a pound, as the saying goes. Feeling a little self-conscious – I know how bad I am but they don’t! – I booked a place on the driving range, just for a little practice, followed by a turn around the nine-hole course to start with.

That was the first and last round for me at that particular course. I don’t think I played too badly. I didn’t leave too many divots in the ground and I was on target about 10% of the time, which is pretty good for me! I think the fact that I took about 4 hours to get around nine holes might have had something to do with their decision to ask me not to return…

Time for a New Hobby

My wife persuaded me that I should spend the rest of our holiday relaxing but I’m not one for laying on a beach all day. Samoa offers loads of different activities, and, although the beach doesn’t appeal, the sea does. I wonder what I would be like at scuba diving?

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